You might wonder who exactly we are. Well isn’t it obvious! We are all about Coffee. We have made it our own personal responsibility to teach you everything that there is possibly to know and understand about coffee, and I don’t mean just your average every day joe drip machine brew with Folgers coffee. NOOO! Definitely not just drip brew, and certainly not just Folgers. We are about every type of brew you can think of. Our website as you follow the blogs and articles, will lead you on an adventure to explore different new ways of enjoying coffee.

What were About

In our website we go into the nitty gritty details of coffee. We discuss different brewing systems, different coffee machines. Heck we even discuss flavor, and beans. There are thousand ways to brew, and drink coffee. So from the drip brewers who routinely set their timers every morning to the Keurig Hipsters, we cover it all.

Our Writers

We have personally hand selected each of our writers, in accordance to their own personal experience with coffee. Our writers all take coffee to heart, and are intensely experienced coffee lovers and addicts. What other addiction would be so legal and gloriously wonderful. All of our writers sit every day with their glorious personalized cup of joe tailored to their own personal tastes, and share their experiences with you our readers.

There is no one better to lead you into your grand adventure of exploring coffee techniques, brews, beans, and heck they will even go into what mugs are the best. Everyone has different tastes, flavors, and likes. We implore you to read our blog posts and to experiment, test, and try different coffee techniques and flavors. All this in the name of coffee and in order to determine what you like the best. There is a perfect cup for everyone. From the beans of Columbia to Hawaii and to the beans of Africa, here is to finding the best ambrosia cup of joe to make your taste buds dance and that would please the most honorable of the coffee gods.

A Double Espresso