How Do You Find The Best Manual Coffee Grinder?

I’m sure you’ll agree that a great cup of coffee is not always easy to make.  It requires a few steps and some attention to detail to brew your perfect cup of joe. While your choice of coffee beans is one important factor, selecting the best manual coffee grinder also plays a significant role in making a superb cup of coffee.  You will quickly discover that while they all serve the same basic purpose, that is grinding coffee beans, they come built in a wide range of different sizes and materials.   So how do you find that perfect coffee grinder for your needs?

Now, who doesn’t love a smooth rich coffee without those little specs of grounds.   Nothing runs that cup fast that getting those little specs grounds in your mouth.   That why choosing the right grinder is important.  So how do you determine the best manual coffee grinder for you needs? Before you consider the many options for coffee grinders, you need to know why you may want to go manual with your coffee grinding in the first place.

Why Do You Need a Manual Coffee Grinder?

In the past few years, manual coffee grinders have been widely overlooked.  There are few who really understand their value and effectiveness. Lately however, these products have been coming back and coffee drinkers are once again getting the quality they desire. There are many advantages of using a manual grinder to grind your coffee. It is an ideal product for those who have a low-budget but desire high quality coffee.  A high quality manual grinder is generally as affordable or cheaper when compared to lower quality electric grinder.

So how do you get the high quality coffee brew without the investment in expensive equipment.  Well, that great cup of coffee comes from a smooth and consistent grind.  Most manual grinders use burrs instead of blades like those used in cheaper electric grinders.   Because of this, manual grinders tend to provide more control over the size of the ground along with consistency compared to the cheap electric counterparts.   Additionally, the manual grinders are less prone to malfunctions and failures compared to the electric versions.  You should have no problems addressing any minor issues with you manual grinder and enjoy it’s many many years of reliable service.

Choosing The Best Manual Coffee Grinder

Now that you you have a better understanding of why you may want a manual coffee grinder, it’s time to move on to the next step. We need to determine which grinder if the best choice for your brewing needs. With soo many brands and products in the market to choose from you may get confused. One place to start is some of the online marketplaces.  They usually have a large varied of options along with detailed descriptions and reviews from actual owners.  One great option we found is the Hario Skerton Pro Ceramic Mill which provides an ajustable and high quality grind.

You may also want to check out our review of the “JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder”.  This grinder is very popular for its variable grinds and very affordable price.

While those are two great and safe options, we want to find the best manual coffee grinder for you.  There are few key factors you need to consider.  Among these factors are the brand , size, the grinder, and other features.

Finding the best manual coffee grinder for you

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You will quickly discover the market is flooded with a wide variety of manual coffee grinders with a range of prices. However most of them are capable of brewing a that great cup of joe. There are many popular brands that have been around for a long time and are considered tried and true by owners.  However, you will still find new brands and models enter the market on a regular basis. Buying a reliable model grinder from a trusted brand is one of the important factors for choosing the best manual coffee grinder.  It helps to guarantee the life and quality of the grinder and to give you confidence what you are using quality equipment.


Typically high-performing grinders can grind a typical batch (6-7 tablespoons ground) of beans in about 37 to 58 seconds for both coarse and fine grinds. Keep in mind this depends on the individual doing the grinding.

While speed is important, after all who want to spend a lot time cranking, the grind quality is the most important factor.  You want to find a grinder that can adjust the size of the grind easily and is very even.  This give you the flexibility to grind for several different brewing methods.  Typically you will find these are burr grinders.  You should try to avoid blade grinders if possible. Learn more about Burr Grinders VS Blade Grinders.


If you are in search of portability, then you are in luck.  The vast majority of manual grinders are easily portable.  They usually around a pound, give or take, and can easily fit in a carry-on or even you coat pocket. Because of this, they are ideal grinders for travelers who can’t do without taking their favorite coffee on the road.


To be honest, the design doesn’t matter that much.  However, a good grinders should be comfortable and easy to use.   This is hard to judge when making an online purchase so you may want to check out some of the difference styles while you are out shopping.  This will give you an idea of the basic style you are most comfortable with.


When you are shopping, you will find that manual coffee bean grinders come in a variety of sizes. So if you like to travel and enjoy you favorite blend every morning, a sleek lightweight grinder may be the best pick for you. Or maybe, a cylindrical shaped mill that you can hold firmly and easy to store  may be the preferred option.   Just keep in mind how or where  you may be using your grinder and choose accordingly.  However, don’t loose track of the grinder’s quality in the process.


Grinders are made in a variety of materials such as ceramic or stainless steel.  These are the most preferred materials because of their durability and beauty. While the material used to make a grinder has little or no effect on its performances, it can affect durability along with making it easier to clean and maintain. Additionally, ceramic grinders are not ideal for travelers.  If you plan to take your grinder on the road, finding one made of plastic or stainless steel is a better choice.  Any quality grinder should provide you with quality results.   Ultimately you don’t want just any coffee grinder. You want a high quality manual coffee grinder that will make a big difference in you coffee experience with the perfect even grind.

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Is there a better way to start your day than with a well-made cup of coffee?  If you are a true coffee lover then your answer is probably no. While there are a few factors that impact the perfect brew, the quality of  the grind plays a key role.  And when almost everyone puts the coffee beans (check also “Types of Coffee Beans“)  on the perfect brew pedestal, the best manual coffee grinder is what brings out the true flavor from your favorite bean of choice.

In the end, coffee making is a combination of art and science that requires a bit of effort and precision with a dash of personal style.  The best manual coffee grinder will provide you that key precision where it matters most, the grounds. And while the  market will always be flooded with grinders of all types, you should easily find the perfect manual grinder for your future brewing adventures. So sit back, relax and enjoy every sip of your flavorful cup of coffee knowing that you now have the secret with the best manual coffee grinder.