Best Bets: The Best 7 Coffee & Espresso Machines of 2017

You love enjoying a good cup of coffee. And, while going to the local coffee shop is a great place to get a quality cup of coffee, making the perfect cup of coffee at home is actually pretty easy to do. With the right kind of coffee & espresso machine, you can become a barista at home and make delicious tasting coffee every day — no coffee shop required. But, what coffee & espresso machines are the best? We’ll take a look at our recommendations for the 7 best coffee & espresso machines.

A Good Combination: Coffee & Espresso Machines

Typically, coffee machines and espresso machines are sold separately. These are machines that only make standard coffee and only make espresso. But, having more than one machine can be a lot of work. That’s why purchasing a machine that is both a coffee and an espresso machine is the ideal way to make the best coffee at home.

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Our Picks: The Best 7 Coffee & Espresso Machines of 2017

Now that we know a bit more about why having a coffee & espresso machine is a convenient way to make coffee and espresso at home, let’s look at our picks for the best coffee & espresso machines for 2017. These are the machines that will give you the best tasting coffee and all around coffee making experience.


1. DeLonghi BCO320T

You can be your own barista with the DeLonghi BCO320T. That’s because you can go from a simple cup of coffee to espresso easily. For those who like different strength of coffee, depending on the day or your mood, this machine gives you the ultimate flexibility to customize your brew strength. It’s also great for those who are on-the-go with 24 hour programmable settings so you can make coffee whenever you need it. You can also make a full pot of coffee. And, if you want a cup of coffee while your pot is still brewing, you can use the pause button to enjoy a cup of coffee while the rest of the pot finishes brewing.

For those who prefer espresso, this machine makes them easy to make. And, you can also use the frother to make classic cappuccinos too. To add to the coffee and espresso making experience, the DeLonghi BCO320T even includes a cup warmer. This will help make sure your coffee and espresso are at the perfect temperatures and gives you the full coffee shop experience.

2. Ninja Coffee Bar Single-Serve System

Making a single cup of coffee or espresso is easy to achieve with the Ninja Coffee Bar Single-Serve System. This is an essential machine for anyone who loves coffee and wants to create coffee shop style drinks without a lot of fuss. This machine doesn’t rely on single serve coffee pods (like K-Cups), which means you can control the coffee grounds in each serving. This helps you create the perfect coffee strength and flavor. Make a classic coffee or get more advanced with specialty drinks. The Ninja Coffee Bar Single-Serve System also includes 4 unique brew sizes: Cup, XL Cup, Travel, and Multi-Serve, so you can make the right amount with any cup you use. Ninja machines also include Cafe Forte, a unique brewing technology that helps full-bodied and complex coffee flavors.

3. Nespresso GCC1-US-BK-NE

If you prefer a single-serve coffee & espresso machine that uses pods, the Nespresso GCC1-US-BK-NE is the perfect machine for you. It’s simple, one touch brewing makes it really easy to go from coffee to espresso any time you want. Nespresso machines use Nespresso VertuoLine capsules that include different gourmet blends perfect for every taste preference. The machine makes coffee and espresso in 2 different sizes — 8 ounces for coffee and 1.35 ounces for espresso. It heats coffee and espresso up quickly, and can be pre-stocked with water and capsules to make drinks quickly when you’re craving it.

4. KRUPS XP1600

For those who like a classic coffee and espresso machine combination, the KRUPS XP1600 is a great choice. Brewing coffee is easy with programmable options, including coffee strength and a clock so start brewing your coffee any time. It also holds 10 cups of coffee at a time and includes a pause button. This makes it perfect for grabbing a cup of coffee while your pot is still brewing. Making espresso offers equally good options, with a 4 cup capacity. And, you can make cappuccinos and espresso quickly and easily.

5. Espressione-DeLonghi of Italy 26161

If authentic Italian style coffee and espresso is what you’re craving, look no further than the Espressione-DeLonghi of Italy 26161. This coffee & espresso machine makes commercial quality drinks without having to use a complicated commercial coffee or espresso machine. Coffee options include programmable features to adjust the size of the cup and brewing time and brews up to 10 cups of coffee at a time. Like many other models, it includes a pause button, so that you can get coffee during the brewing cycle. For espresso lovers, you’ll enjoy making any of your favorite specialty drinks, quickly and with easy clean-up.

6. Krups 985-42

If you’re looking for a simple and basic coffee & espresso machine, the Krups 985-42 is a good machine for you. It’s simple features means you don’t have to worry about fussing with complicated settings or tools. Regular coffee is easy with a traditional filter and water chamber. It brews up to 40 ounces of coffee in a single brewing. And, it allows you to pause briefly to pour a cup of coffee while the rest of the pot is brewing. For those who prefer espresso, they’ll appreciate making espresso the traditional way. And, they can brew up to 8 ounces of espresso at one time for all the caffeine you need.

7. Bialetti Combo Coffee & Espresso Maker

You can’t get any more classic than the Bialetti Combo Coffee & Espresso Maker authentic Italian coffee & espresso machine. This machine may not have a lot of frills or extra features. But, what it lacks in features, it makes up for in coffee and espresso quality. It includes an 8 cup coffee pot for regular coffee and a 4 cup pot for espresso. It does include adjustable brew strength, a pause button, and a warming plate to keep your pot and coffee warm. Overall, it’s the ideal machine for those who want a coffee & espresso machine that doesn’t require a lot of additional complicated efforts.


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Get Your Day Started: Making Coffee with the Best 7 Coffee & Espresso Machines of 2017

Making coffee at home is easy when you use a quality coffee & espresso machine. And, our picks for the best 7 coffee & espresso machines of 2017 are the perfect machines to help you make the perfect cup of coffee any time you want it at home. Want to learn more about making coffee? Check out our article on Brewing the Best Tasting Coffee for even more tips.