A Coffee Maker with Benefits: Getting the Most From Your Coffee Pod Machines

Coffee pod machines are one of the most popular styles of coffee makers on the market. Machines, like the Keurig K55 are perfect for those who want easy to make single serving coffee. But, just because it’s easy to use and simple, does it make a good cup of coffee? We’ll take a look at how you can get the most from your coffee pod machines by using practical tips and even a few easy hacks you can use to amp up your coffee style and flavor.

How to Get the Most From Your Coffee Pod Machines

Using coffee pod machines is super simple. Just add in a coffee pod, some water, and press start. Personal preferences really play into how good your coffee your coffee tastes to you. So, if improving the flavor of your basic coffee pod machine coffee is important to you, we’ve got you covered. There are some super simple and easy to make changes and modifications that will help you produce an excellent cup of coffee from any coffee pod machine. Here are some ways you can use coffee pod machines to your advantage.

  • Find Your Pod Style: The coffee you use makes or breaks a your cup of coffee. Most coffee pod machines have a huge variety of coffee brands, grinds, and strengths to help you get a great cup of coffee. But, it’s all about your personal preference. Choose a pod style that will help you make coffee that’s as strong or rich as you want it.
  • Reusable Filters: If regular pre-packaged pods aren’t cutting it for you, consider getting a reusable filter. These are easy to buy, fairly affordable, and give you the ability to completely customize your coffee grounds.
  • Grind Your Own Coffee: If you’re using a reusable filter, try grinding your own coffee beans. You’ll get the freshest, most flavorful coffee from a coffee pod machine, if you do. The only word of caution is be sure to not grind your beans too fine or too coarsely. That can affect your coffee pod machine’s ability to filter water through the coffee beans, producing a less than great cup of coffee.
  • Use Filtered Water: The water you use in your coffee pod machines will definitely affect the flavor of your coffee. Using filtered water versus tap water makes a huge difference too. We also recommend that you add the water when you’re actually going to make your coffee instead of in advance — unless you really need to. This is because the water won’t be just sitting around going stale or collecting excessive moisture from the water reservoir.
  • Use the Strongest Brew Settings: If getting a strong and rich cup of coffee is what you’re looking for, use the strongest brew settings. This will help your coffee pod machine to make a robust cup of coffee that fits your taste preferences.
  • Routinely Clean Your Machine: It may be a bit of maintenance, but routinely cleaning your machine is a good way to help make sure you get a consistently good cup of coffee. Coffee pod machines can built up hard water deposits and other residue that affect the flavor of your coffee. One easy way to clean your coffee pod machines is to use water and vinegar in several brews, to flush all of the mineral deposits in your machine. Cleaning your machine may not seem fun, but it can make all the difference in the world with flavor.
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Tips Tricks and Hacks You Can Use

When it comes to getting the most from your coffee pod machines, using the settings and practical tools of the trade are a great way to get a good cup of coffee. But, if you want to take it a step further, check out these tricks and hacks that help give your coffee that extra oomph. They are perfect for getting the most from your coffee pod machines.

  • Double Up: If you’re looking for a strong cup of coffee and the brew strength settings in your Coffee Pod Machines aren’t measuring up to your preferences, here’s a tip to help you get a stronger cup of coffee. Use two brew pods and use the lowest brew setting sizes for one cup of coffee. It make take a little longer to make, but the results will be a stronger, rich cup of coffee.
  • Add a Dash of Salt: Believe it or not, this hack works well for any kind of coffee that might be a bit bitter or be brewed with stale coffee beans. Coffee pod machines are known for producing slightly bitter coffee because of the concentrated and short brew time. So, adding a dash of salt to your coffee will help round out the flavors and balance some of the acidity. Just be sure not to use too much salt. You only need a small amount to be effective.
  • Warm Your Mug: Temperature really affects the flavor of your coffee. Coffee shops know this too. And, that’s one reason why your mug or coffee cup is usually warm when your barista makes your drink. The best way to warm your mug is by running water through your coffee pod machine first with your mug, then brewing your coffee. It’s this little touch that can make a big difference in a good cup of coffee and a bad one.
  • Warm Your Milk: Like water, the temperature of your milk also affects the flavor of your coffee. If lattes or a bit of milk with your coffee are your speed, warm your milk up a bit. We always recommend using whole milk too. It gives you a richer, sweeter, creamier taste than other milk, like skim. No matter your milk preference, warm it up slightly for an even better cup of coffee.
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Your Best Cup of Coffee: Getting the Most From Your Coffee Pod Machines

With just a few easy and simple tips and tricks, you can really get the most out of your coffee pod machine. Want to learn even more tips and tricks for making the best coffee? Check out our article on Brewing the Best Tasting Coffee.

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