Get Grinding with the JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder

When it comes to making a great cup of coffee, one of the best ways to get the best flavor from your coffee beans is to grind them right before you want to make coffee. This gives the richest, freshest flavors for the perfect cup of coffee. The easiest way to grind coffee beans is to use a coffee bean grinder. And, your best bet for a portable and noise-free grinder is the JavaPress Manual Coffee Grinder. It’s features makes it a great go-to when grinding coffee beans. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why this coffee grinder is such #1 seller.

The Basics: What’s a Manual Coffee Grinder?

Manual coffee grinders are a type of machine that grinds coffee beans. They use manual turning of a hand crank to grind the beans by hand. Although you can buy electric grinders, a manual grinder, like the JavaPresse, is perfect for those want to adjust their grind level, reduce noise, and who need portability.

JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder Article

Features of the JavaPress Manual Coffee Grinder

For a machine that is simple and easy to use, the JavaPress Manual Coffee Grinder has a lot of unique features that make it even better. Here are some features that make this coffee grinder stand out among the rest.

  • Manual: For those who don’t want to save energy or need a portable option, the JavaPress Manual Coffee Grinder is perfect for those who want to use a grinder without going electric.
  • Limited Noise: Because the JavaPress Manual Coffee Grinder doesn’t rely on electricity, there’s a lot less noise to worry about. Hand grinding makes for a smooth grind with little noise, so you can manually grind your coffee beans in a quiet office or late at night at home.
  • Sharp Blades: The blades in the JavaPress Manual Coffee Grinder may not be samurai sword quality…but pretty close. The blades in this grinder are crafted in traditional Japanese style and last 5x longer than other blades.

Highlights of the JavaPress Manual Coffee Grinder

In addition to some great features, here are some of the highlights that make the JavaPress Manual Coffee Grinder.

  • Customizable: JavaPress Manual Coffee Grinder gives you the ultimate flexibility in adjusting your coffee grind with 100% precisions over the coarseness. So, whether you prefer grinding espresso style ground coffee or prefer to grind something basic for a pour over, you can get the grind you want for the type of coffee maker you use. There are 18 click settings in all, to help you achieve that perfect grind.
  • Portable: The JavaPress Manual Coffee Grinder is the champion of portability. It’s easy to pop into your bag when traveling or on a weekend camping trip. The grinder makes for a light and compact way to travel and customize your coffee grind.
  • Easy to Use: It can’t get any easy than using the JavaPress Manual Coffee Grinder. Simply add fresh coffee beans into your grinder, close the lid, and use the manual hand crank to get ground coffee perfection.

Potential Downside to Using the JavaPress Manual Coffee Grinder

When it comes to using a manual coffee grinder, the JavaPress reigns supreme. It’s ease of use and portability make it a best seller. But, there are a few downsides to this manual coffee grinder. The biggest is that it’s manual. This means it will take a little bit of arm muscle and time to grind your coffee beans. If convenience and grinding coffee beans quickly is most important to you, you’ll probably want to skip using the JavaPress Manual Coffee Grinder.

The biggest downside to the JavaPress is the amount of coffee it can grind at one time. It’s a small manual grinder, which means it can only grind enough coffee for 1-2 cups of coffee at a time. If you need to make an entire pot or want to grind large batches of coffee, this manual grinder may not be for you.

Using the JavaPress Manual Coffee Grinder

Overall, theJavaPress Manual Coffee Grinder is a terrific machine for those who want a coffee grinder without all the fuss of using an electric one. It’s well-built construction and adjustable grind settings make it a clear winner in the manual coffee grinder category. Want even more tips on how to make a great tasting cup of coffee? Check out our article on Brewing the Best Tasting Coffee for additional info and advice on perfecting the perfect cup of coffee.