KRUPS F203 Electric Spice and Coffee Grinder Review

The KRUPS F203 Blade Grinder’s popularity means there are still individuals who can appreciate a cup of espresso, without having to bother about the bar pressure, grind size, or the measure of dissolved grounds in a glass.

The KRUPS Machine is an electric coffee and spice grinder that does what it should do – in a straightforward manner. However, on the chance that you like your coffee beans freshly ground and you would prefer not to spend a few hundred dollars for a classy funnel shaped burr grinder, this grinder is your most solid option.

A Closer Look At This Blade Grinder

The KRUPS F203 appears to be exceptionally unique from a customary coffee grinder. All plastic polished dark moderate belt board with a reasonable cover that gives you a chance to see the ground steadiness and a single button which enables you to adjust the size of the ground according to your wants.

It features a stainless steel blade and is powered by a 200-watt engine which provides it with a considerable measure of energy. Be it coffee or nuts or cinnamon, you can get it to genuine fine consistency by making use of this machine. This makes it conceivable to get coffee quality grind with this machine.

In spite of there being worries about heat exchange demolishing the bean’s flavor profile, you will be unable to discover a grinder that has better quality for this value.

The container has a capacity of 3 ounce which gives you a chance to grind enough coffee for as much as 12 cups at once. Likewise, the KRUPS Grinder includes a lid-activated safety switch which guarantees that the grinder will work when the top is safely bolted only.

Grinding With The KRUPS F203

Unlike some coffee burr grinders that incorporate a cluster of features such as size adjustment, dosage, making use of the KRUPS F203 to grind is more about knowing to what extent to press the pulse button to get the size of your grind correct. As soon you try it, you will understand it is one of the least demanding approaches to grind your coffee beans on a bustling Monday morning.

From coffee to espresso, the KRUPS Coffee Grinder is capable of getting you the your desired grind size. The grind retains some coffee inside however, so you might need to tidy it up before making use of it again. And when it comes to cleaning, it is anything but difficult to clean, however partially in light of the fact that it is a coffee grinder with extremely basic features.

Get Preferred Coffee Grind Every Time

Blade coffee grinders are generally basic units with not many features. That is the reason why they are very popular as they are not difficult to use. The Krups F203 Electric Stainless Steel Blade Coffee Grinder is no different. However, this does not imply that you can’t make a great coffee using this product. Its high power motor, oval shape and quality blades will make sure that you get smooth coffee grind in a matter of seconds.

Find the perfect coffee beans for espresso.

Is It Right For Me?

With the versatility and low price, the KRUPS Coffee and Spice Grinder is great for offices and homes alike. It can assist you in several ways throughout your day. In the case that you want to prepare a pumpkin spiced coffee or cinnamon, they can be prepared by the KRUPS.


Although the KRUPS F203 is not the best coffee grinder, it however stands out in its realistic and practical design.

  • Small footprint
  • Flexible – can grind grains, nuts, spices, and coffee beans
  • Great value for money
  • Big grinding capacity for as much as 12 cups of grounds
  • Lid Activated Switch averts spills and accidents


  • Produces a lot of heat, which affects the natural flavour of the coffee
  • Inconsistent crude grinds
  • Very restricted control on size of grind

Final Thoughts

Generally speaking, the KRUPS F203 Electric Coffee and Spice Grinder is a flexible coffee grinder that offers amazing value for money. You have the alternative to utilize it for spices and coffee beans alike; there is more than one motivation to get it. With everything taken into account, in the event that you need a bare-bone grinder, then this is it!